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Apex Legends: a trailer introduces us to the news of Season 2, High Tension

Season 2 of ApexLegends, called "High Tension", will arrive on July 2 bringing with it a new Legend, the wattsontechnology, the powerful new LMG L-Star and a new Battle Pass packed with novelties. But the news doesn't stop there: EA and Respawn have in fact released a trailer subtitled in Italian that shows us what we'll have to expect from the new season of the game, in terms of in-game events and changes to the map.

The trailer starts with a classic ApexLegends-style battle, but in the course of the action someone is typing instructions to a computer on a laptop; it is possible that it is the noisy crypto character, the basis of the events that will take place in the new season.

After the character finishes typing, an electromagnetic explosion invades the entire map and causes a Repulsor Tower (which had begun to give hints of failure in the game already for a couple of days), whose purpose is to keep the alien fauna off the map that populates the game world. Immediately a voice from the alarm loudspeakers asks all Legends to leave the arena, and soon after we see a horde of animals, both terrestrial and flying, invade the map.

See for yourself what awaits you in Respawn's Battle Royale F2P, via the trailer below!

MX Video - Apex Legends