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Apex Legends: In July comes the Season 2, new character coming

During the event pre-E3 ea Play, EA and Respawn announced that the 2 July will come the Season 2 of the battle Royale free-to-Play Apex Legends, entitled Battle Charge; The new season will introduce a new female character, an unprecedented mode and a battle Pass complete with daily and weekly challenges and many more surprises. The developers promise that after this update, "the Kings Canyon will no longer be the same".

The new character coming in is Natalie "Wattson" Paquette: Grown up in the Apex Arena, Wattson will bring into battle his deep bond with Kings Canyon and a large dose of electrical engineering. It can take control of the battle by creating high voltage barriers and a trellis that neutralizes attacks, a real shock to anyone who undervalues its dangerousness.

Season 2 will also see the debut of the new Ranked 1.0 mode, in which gamers are grouped according to their skills and will have to fight to win the six individual challenges (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Apex Predator), Gaining valuable rewards and accessories at the end of the season based on your placement.

There will also be a new Battle Pass, full of improvements, rewards, special challenges and legendary skins, the ability to earn Crafting Metals and three new categories, just a glimpse of what video gamers find in the second Season, of which new details will be unveiled more close to the exit. Season 2 also includes the special L-STAR, an energy weapon with high power bullets, but whose use is sensitive to overcharging: it will be essential to learn to measure its strength and avoid its blockage to damage enemies. For now gamers can demonstrate their instincts by predators in the event in-game Legendary Hunting, until June 18. By completing the challenges in time you will get new skin legend for weapons and characters. In addition, enthusiasts will have the opportunity to join a new Apex Elite, where they will challenge the best players of Apex Legends and prove themselves to be the best. The first five finishers of each challenge will access the Apex Elite. Fans participating in the EA Play will have the chance to experience the new contents of Apex Legends including Wattson and the L-STAR.

We leave you now at the trailer of Revelation of the new character, Natalie; Good vision!

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