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The Messina NAPs Team reveal in the video the Zelda-like Baldo

After years of development, the Italian team NAPS Team (already known, among others, for the title of Air combat Iron Wings and the Beat ' Em Up gekido: Kintaro's Revenge) has finally revealed to the world with a trailer of Announcement the new project Baldo , a "Zelda" action-RPG with isometric view but scenarios and characters completely rendered In 3D.

The video shows us several sequences of play, revealing the great care in the realization of the settings, rendered with a style similar to cel-shading, rich in details and with an excellent lighting system, showing also how the character Design is strongly inspired by the work of Hayao Miyazaki: the protagonist and the other characters remind us especially the earliest works of the Japanese master, as Heidi and Conan the boy of the future, while the characters "non-human" Recall the most recent productions of Studio Ghibli.

The gameplay recalls more closely that of the Zelda series with a particular focus on exploration, interaction with other characters and solving riddles. The release date is not known for now, but in the meantime you can appreciate it in the following movie: Good Vision!

MX Video - Baldo