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Monster Hunter World: The Iceborne expansion arrives in September, trailers and details

Capcom announced today that the Iceborne Expansion of Monster Hunter: World, announced last December and that will add a new snowy setting to the title, arrives on September 6. The new glacial area will be called Hoarfrost Reach and will be characterized by a ruthless ecosystem, full of pitfalls for all monster hunters.

Below you can find all the details about the expansion, which rivals the contents of the entire original game, together with the trailer that reveals the gameplay and a set of images. Good reading and good vision!

The new expansion, Iceborne, develops in many respects the original Game, Monster Hunter: World, starting from a new story that takes over the ranks of the main story and leads the hunters in a New region called hoarfrost Reach. The snowy terrain offers a very different ecosystem to the main game and expands progressively with the development of the story. Iceborne will introduce the largest region ever seen before in the game, offering hunters a huge amount of new content, with even a larger number of quests than the original title.

Iceborne also introduces the new level of difficulty "Master Rank", which proposes new and old monsters to the fullest of their fierceness. The extreme cold is also the perfect environment for the proliferation of new enemies resistant to the most rigid climates, like the Wyvern ergot Banbaro and the Beotodus, lethal for its ability to move quickly under the snowy mantle. These join the return of some "favorite fans", like the lightning-fast Nargacuga who returns to the scene with some dangerous aces in the sleeve added to his fatal attacks, going to swell the ranks of monsters in Monster Hunter: World. To lead the pack of the new monsters of Iceborne is the mysterious Velkhana, an old dragon with powerful attacks of ice that represents a pervasive threat in the new narrative structure of the game.

In order to prepare the players for the intense hunting missions introduced with the expansion, numerous game options have been implemented, in order to broaden the arsenal and the fighting skills of the hunters, thus allowing the creation of new hunting strategies . The sling can now be used while the main weapon (of any type) is unsheathed, and it has also been enhanced with new extensions, such as the "Grits Claw" – which allows you to cling to the monsters with greater control of the movements – and the "slingshot burst" Which instead allows you to shoot a powerful shot to stun the monsters! Finally, each of the 14 types of weapons will receive new combos and new elements, guaranteeing even greater depth of combat.

To play the expansion you must have the basic game Monster Hunter: World. Owners of Iceborne can immediately enjoy some new additions, such as extensions for slingshot and weapon upgrades, but to begin the missions of the expansion will need to complete the story of the main game and be At least to Grade Hunter 16. Several purchase options are available on consoles, both for new players and for veterans, and by preordering the game you will receive an exclusive "Yukumo Series" bonus armor style. Those who already have the basic game will be able to buy the Monster Hunter World expansion: Iceborne in digital at the price of €39.99. A Digital Deluxe version is also available, which also includes a Deluxe DLC Kit, containing a series of cosmetic items, priced at €49.99. For newcomers, the best choice is the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition, which contains both the basic game and the Iceborne expansion, available in a physical or digital version.

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