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A new DLC from Shadow of the Tomb Raider takes us into the heart of the snake

Square Enix informs us that today the new DLC of Shadow of the Tomb Raider entitled The Heart of the Serpent, included in the Season Pass of the game or sold separatelycan be priced at 4.99 euros.

In this expansion Lara must infiltrate an enemy fortress to stage a daring escape and then face the evil followers of the cult of Kukulkan. The protagonist must also complete the trial of the executioner and sail on Roaring Rapids to conquer the power of the Serpent God.

Those who complete the tomb of the challenge will get the new Divine gift skill, which makes getting more gold coins from fallen enemies. The DLC also includes complete dragon flakes, which reduces fire damage, prevents tripping and accelerates health regeneration. Players will also receive the snake's lash bow, which inflicts extra fire damage.

We now leave you to a movie that shows us the new content.

MX Video - Shadow of the Tomb Raider