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Rumor: we can play Xbox titles on Nintendo Switch thanks to Project xCloud and Game Pass

By now it is clear how there are excellent relations between Nintendo and Microsoft: not only the two houses joined forces during this past E3 with a video to promote the cross-play between their platforms, but also another title after Microsoft, Minecraft Hellblade , will soon arrive on Nintendo Switch. But if we are to believe a recent rumor, the friendship between the two companies will go much further.

The YouTube channel Direct-Feed Games has released a video that claims to have received some interesting information about the partnership between the two companies: first of all it looks like another Microsoft title, an "indie" (that you assumed to be Ori and the Blind Forest ) will come out of Switch, but the bombshell is another.

According to sources of the youtuber, Microsoft would prepare to bring Xbox and Xbox Game Pass on Nintendo Switch: the purpose of this should allow players (One but of course also of future platform Scarlett) to use their own Xbox games on Nintendo's portable hybrid console/game streaming platform Project xCloud . This will allow us for example to play Gears 5 home, then come out with the Switch and, as soon as we find a connection to it, continue to play it out of the Switch. And of course this will be beneficial for the players Game Pass subscription to Nintendo, which can access dozens of games that are not available with their console, including all Microsoft exclusive.

The world of gaming is really to be flipped by a Microsoft-Nintendo-axis? If it is really so, we'll find out in June during E3. We definitely would love to see Phil Spencer and Doug Bowser , newly appointed President of Nintendo of America after the retirement of Reggie Fils Aime, on the same stage!