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Apex Legends reaches 10 million players in just three days

That Apex Legends , the new free-to-play FPS to Respawn released in recent days, was a success, it was well known ; but that could well reach 10 million players in just 72 hours , probably were expecting in a few.

Yet it is precisely that: the announcement came from the study Director Vince Zampella, who explains that the title has been played from 10 million to different players in the three days after its launch, surpassing 1 million share of players also logged on at once .

An outstanding achievement not only for itself, but especially in light of the fact that, despite such success, the server of the game gave no sign of sagging and the experience has always been smooth and trouble-free (at least macroscopic ones) for all players who dive into the world of Apex Legends . Congratulations then to Respawn for the excellent results achieved, and to Electronic Arts for believing in such a project, drop it into a shape well finished and stable!