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Anthem: the first content post-launch has Echoes of reality and arrives next month

Two weeks after the launch planned for February 22 , BioWare revealed on Twitter some details of the first content post-launch of the expected Anthem ; the first update, titled Echoes of reality , will be available in March, a month after the game's release.

The Act 1: Echoes of reality anticipates a series of content that will come with different cadences not yet specified by the developer, will introduce "catastrophic" events and will be divided into three update called World Evolution, together with stronger and the cataclysm . According to BioWare, the cataclysm will be a limited-time event characterized by extreme weather conditions, new and dangerous enemies and mysteries to solve.

All content post-launch will carry, in addition to the events, also new challenges, new areas to discover and explore and a number of improvements.

There only remains to wait for more details: stay tuned!