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A new trailer shows us the characteristics of the FPS/roguelike/base builder Genesis Alpha One

The publisher Team17 released a new trailer to show us the characteristics of Genesis Alpha One , innovative space with strong FPS roguelike and management components, set for release on January 29.

Genesis Alpha One has the potential to turn out as an interesting title, proposing a comprehensive and innovative recipe to give depth to what at first glance may seem a trivial FPS: the space ship on which we travel (a kind of modern Ark in which is preserved on human DNA, in search of a new land to colonize) will in fact carefully managed and expanded, paving the way for new mechanics and content.

The video focuses on the aftermath of the death of the player: instead of being resolved with a "trivial" respawn, our defeat determines the promotion to Captain a new alter-ego , selected among members crew: skills and shortcomings of the new protagonist will therefore influence our style of play.

Genesis Alpha One is the work of a very small development team, so the expectations may not be those of a triple-A title: Judging from the footage, the programmers of Radiaton Blue have made good use of the Unreal Engine, although some items (particularly the physics of weapons) does not currently seem to be worthy of the most celebrated.

We leave you the trailer, enjoy!

MX Video - Genesis Alpha One