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Dmitry glukhovsky himself presents the very exclusive Artyom Edition of Metro Exodus

The author of the novels Metro 2033 and Metro 2034 appears in a video posted on the youtube page of Metro Exodus , to present the very rare "Artyom Edition" of the game. With the approach of day-one , set for February 15, grows ever more fierce rain of news and advances relating to Metro Exodus. Today's announcement, however, is definitely out of the ordinary, since it was revealed the existence of a spectacular " Artyom Edition " produced in only 10 pieces not intended for sale .

These real rarities will be bestowed by 4A Games to nine lucky winners (one stays in the studio) that are selected through mechanisms not yet specified, but that certainly will revolve around such promotional activities taking place on social networks and on the official website of the game: we recommend to interested parties (and who wouldn't?!?) to follow with an eye on the next steps of 4A Games!

C ome admirably shown in the movie, this " Artyom Edition " contains very faithful reproductions, handmade and fully functional, celebrated by saga Metro, such as gas mask, the iconic lighter-hole morphsuit and the Nixie Watch , probably the highlight of the collection.

We leave you to the must-see movie of presentation, good vision ... and good luck!

MX Video - Metro Exodus