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Ubisoft talks about the content of January of AC Odyssey

Ubisoft has released a video, with subtitles in Italian, the developers explain and show the content coming soon in January in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey ; the most important is the second installment of the trilogy " the legacy of the first blade " available for Season Pass holders and for those who bought the DLC, but through a free upgrade will be released several new additions for everyone.

We talk about new missions dedicated to "lost tales of Greece", the arrival of the giant Cyclops as new Mythological creature that will be addressed in the crater of a volcano, and that, as with previous battles, if defeated will release a new epic weapon, a huge and powerful hammer.

And again for our character and our ship will come new equipment and new lieutenants. You will also add the ability to change options settings for automatic adjustment of the enemies to our level, so as to make the title more or less challenging, and finally to the forge of Hephaestus you can further modify the our guns over 5° level while new mercenaries and new bonuses will be added in our climb to become the best mercenary of Greece. We leave you to video: enjoy!

MX Video - Assassin's Creed: Odyssey