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Rumor: Ashen arrives finally Friday

If you are waiting for the launch of Ashen , the unique action game online of Aurora44 which is due for release by the end of the year, already in two days you can play it: users ' consoles Xbox USES is in fact a banner " Ashen available now ", but clicking it refers to the game page that mentions Friday 7 December as release date.

It therefore appears that the charming title, playable in co-op and meet other players with a unique system of interaction, it is now in the pipeline; It is likely, however, that the time of the 7 was undertaken to coincide with the event, The Game Awards , where at this point we expect the official announcement of the launch of the game.

To find out if it is really so we'll have to wait just two days: of course we will inform you as soon as the title will be online, that we remember you will also be included in the launch in the Xbox Game Pass .