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Milestone presents us with the Compound of MXGP PRO

Milestone announced today that MXGP PRO will see the return of the Compound , the workout area where we can test our skills, participate in training sessions and run in races on different paths with conditions variable weather. And for this year's motocross Simulator, the Compound will be even more extensive and varied.

This year, the training compound was conceived as a vast forest to be explored based on an existing location in the real world, the incredible Esino Lario, surrounded by mounts Grigna and Lake Como South, where players will have the possibility to practice and to venture into the area. The Compound includes two tracks, one for the Supercross and Motocross , where players will go beyond their limitations in time attack mode or against official riders and, for all lovers of off-road competition, was created a path more challenging, where they can really push the accelerator and test their driving skills.

The Compound is the perfect area for training and performance improvement Guide to becoming a motocross champion. You can test your skills in many disciplines motocross : air control, scrubs, cornering, wet, standing starting and braking , each associated with 5 test sessions, so players can improve their skills training with the factory riders MXGP.

This year the Compound is truly a complete workout area; ready not only to meet the expectations of fans of the discipline but also the public at large, doing live like a thrill that only motocross bikes offer. A place where runners can continually improve their skills by challenging yourself or opponents and, most importantly, having fun even more!

We leave you with a video and a set of images that show us the Compound, remembering that MXGP PRO is expected for June 29.