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City of Brass is going to 4 k with HDR on Xbox One X

In an interview with portal And Orman, co-founder and Director of independent software house Uppercut Games , has provided some interesting details about City Of Brass , the procedural FPS Middle Eastern themed currently being worked in the studios of Australian team composed of many former developers of Irrational Games, regarding the technical department and support on Xbox One X .

Orman has first confirmed that City Of Brass will run in 1080 p/30 fps on Xbox 360 and Xbox One S while the increased power of Xbox One X will allow the title to reach the 4 k and an frame-rate higher. Although this is a stated goal of the team, still there are confirmations of the fact that the Xbox One X reaches stably the 60 fps .

The Director of the development team has also reported that the family's flagship Xbox game will offer full support to technology HDR10 , a higher quality lighting and some improvements in the management of shadows, including greater definition and an increased draw distance . Through the words of Orman we learn also that support to the resolution UHD and technology HDR10 will be exclusive to Xbox One X, at least at launch.

The opportunity finally to remind you that City Of Brass will allow players to dress up the shoes of a thief armed with a whip and scimitar engaged in the search for a legendary treasure within a charming Arab environment and that the release title is scheduled for may 4 .