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Rare reveals the plan content for Sea of Thieves

As promised last week, Rare has finally revealed the release schedule of new content that will accompany the players by Sea of Thieves between now and summer. Everything was explained in this video from Executive Producer Joe Neate and Design Director Mike Chapman, but if you have problems with English (and especially with the close Mike pronunciation), fear not and read on!

Joe and Mike explain us that team for April's priority is to continue to fix and tweak the game based on feedback from players, but from may will begin a tight release schedule of content-partly also affected these by feedback from the community-designed to keep company with continuous news.

From May to summer are predicted three big updates which will be interspersed with a series of weekly events , all completely free and accessible to all players in the title: Let's see what awaits us.

  • Weekly Events -these will depart immediately after the Content Update in may, and will take place week by week entertaining players until the next update, and so on. Weekly events will introduce new mechanics, and new ways to play, such as bringing in new airlines Commercial title available for a short time or even introducing timed events during which we can "boostare" our reputation in the regard to a specific company. There will also be new ways to exploit creatively the game mechanics that already exist, such as Mike Chapman hinted at challenges to find and reach places unreachable places treasures apparently making creative use of the guns. These events will then aim to uphold the interest of the community by providing new challenges.
  • Content Update Pack: The Hungering Deep ( The deep Ravenous )-this is the first big game update that will introduce a new way to play, encouraging players to interact in different ways and giving a reason to crews to ally with one another rather than do battle. There will be a new kind of enemy, a new object that can be used by pirates and a new way to communicate between players (probably already rumoreggiato megaphone, that will allow us to make our voice heard at a great distance). In this particular event, the crews must work together to identify and defeat a new threat, and there will be new rewards available only during this event.
  • Content Update summer (1): Cursed Sails ( Cursed Sails )-this update will introduce a new type of ship that can be used by players and a new way to get them involved in their adventures. There are now more details.
  • Content Update (2): Forsaken Shores ( Abandoned Beaches )-the second update coming this summer will introduce a new area of the game world totally different from what we have seen so far, in which we will be able to live a new kind of adventure facing a new fearsome enemy.

But there is also bad news, at least for some: developers explain that, following the feedback from players, announced updates to pets and the opportunity to become captains of a ship are been placed in the background compared to the updates described so far, mainly aimed at providing new gaming experiences and enrich the world of Sea of Thieves . These new products will arrive but a little later, with the plan to post content.

That's all for now: obviously we will update you as soon as new information becomes available on the updates coming in the game!