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Microsoft starts the public release of the Fall Update Xbox One: here are all the news

Microsoft announced that, after a long period of testing at the members Preview from tonight began the roll-out of Fall Update , autumnal update to Xbox One that speeds up the interface by introducing numerous novelty, some designed with a view to the approaching transition to Xbox One X .

The update will be proposed and then within the next few hours or days; in the meantime, here's a handy overview of all new features.

Content Block Xbox One

Customizable Home screen

  • The Home screen of the Dashboard is now customizable by adding "blocks" below the main panel which highlight activities relating to our friends and favorite games, Xbox Live Gold deals and Xbox Game Pass. Each of these blocks can be moved up or down compared to the other so to have them in the order you prefer.
  • You can now select up to 40 "choices", shortcuts to frequently used apps and games, and present both on the Home screen by means of a special block in a help section, renamed now in Panel.
  • The top of the Home now houses, in addition to the list of the latest games/apps that run, even suggestions of friend activity, stream, achievements to unlock and more, to allow us to discover new content and gaming opportunities.
  • It is now possible to choose different themes for the whole Dashboard: Besides the dark theme by default, you can choose in the settings to clear with a white background or a high-contrast theme for people with visual impairments.

Updated Xbox Guide

A panel faster and convenient:

  • The various tabs of the Panel (known heretofore as a guide) are now more easily navigable due to the arrangement of the "tabs" that identify them horizontally instead of vertically as before. This allows us to move quickly between one and the other using the shoulder buttons of the pad.
  • If you open the Panel during a group chat or a broadcast, this will open automatically in the pages group or Transmission, allowing faster access to its settings.
  • The new "friends playing" come those friends online for games that are using, allowing you to see at a glance which are the most popular titles.
  • Invitations to games will now be shown in the Multiplayer tab of the Panel.
  • The new Multiplayer card Tournaments section provides you quick access to official tournaments and organized by the community using the Xbox Arena.

Community Feed on Xbox One

Screen-saver and notifications:

  • A new notification system allows us to not miss any alert when we turn away from the console for several minutes: If in our absence we received any notification, as new messages or invitations, will expect in a great Panel visible from the distance.
  • The functionality screen-saver has now been enhanced with algorithms that "clean" the screen and avoid screen ghosting on devices prone to this problem, as plasma displays and OLED ones.
  • The new tab "Welcome" of Game Hub there gives you an overview of all the best games content.
  • Greater customizability than what others can see news feed of all our activities.
  • The Community tab of the Dashboard has been redesigned to show us many more activities related to our friends and games, presented in a grid full screen instead of the previous vertical list.

Get ready for Xbox One X:

  • It is now possible to copy or move in one action all games installed, or only some of them, from the inner to the outer disk connected via USB and vice versa. So far this was feasible only one game at a time. Once moved games onto the external drive, just disconnect it and connect it to the new console to keep all the games without having to redownload.
  • Is it possible to make up all of the system settings (network configuration, screen, audio, language, etc.) on an external memory, so as to restore them later on the new console without having to reset all manually.
  • It introduces a new network copy function to transfer the games installed between two consoles on the same home network.
  • An option allows us to download 4 k assets meant for basic console for Xbox One X also have them so ready to be transferred to the new console when the buy and enjoy and then immediately into new graphical improvements without waiting for download patches.
  • The Store now has filters to enable us to quickly find games that are optimized for Xbox One X.
  • Also the games in our list "ready to install" are now filterable properties for those optimized for Xbox One X.

Xbox One X Enhanced Titles UI

Discover and create new content:

  • The Mixer tab of your Dashboard will show previews of broadcasts highlighted, so that we can take a look at the various stream before opening them.
  • You should now be able to broadcast in 1080 p though our connectedness permits.
  • The schetd Stream and capture Panel is now even more integrated with the Mixer. Once a transmission, a new section will pop up showing you all the statistics in the transmission.
  • It is now possible to use webcams and USB cameras to complement our image in broadcasting or video Skype chat.
  • The GameDVR will now catch gameplay up to one hour on external USB memory, thus making unnecessary the use external capture card for video editors. You can also capture screenshots and videos in 4 k/HDR on Xbox One X.

We leave you now with a preview of all the new stuff in a video with Major Nelson. Good vision!

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