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A trailer dedicated to the history of Sand Land

Bandai Namco offers us today a new trailer of the action-RPG based on the manga by Akira Toriyama Sand Land, in which more details are revealed about the desert world of the game, made so by its despotic king who prevents the inhabitants from accessing water.

Sheriff Rao, however, believes that somewhere there is another source that could end this terrible drought: realizing thathe cannot face this dangerous mission alone to find the legendary source, Rao decides to reach the village of demons in search of help. With the consent of the king of demons, the prince of demons Beelzebub and the Thief Shif join Sheriff Rao in the most thirsty adventure ever, in search of the source that can save the life of the world.

Advancing in their mission, the trio understands that they do not have to lower their guard because heat and thirst are certainly not the only pitfalls. In fact, General Are, accompanied by the royal army, is hunting Beelzebub and his companions around the world to try to stop them.

We leave you to the new trailer and a set of images: enjoy!

MX Video - Sand Land