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Activision Blizzard acquisition: CMA pre-approves deal, it's almost done

Good news this morning from the CMA, the English antitrust body, regarding the long process of acquiring Activision Blizzard King by Microsoft. The British body has in fact today expressed a positive provisional opinion on the acquisition, taking into account the changes to the agreement proposed by Microsoft.

This means that the acquisition now has a strong chance of passing: the CMA will now gather third-party opinions to see if there are any plausible objections, after which it will express itself definitively by mid-October.

After initial hostility, the CMA changed its position on the acquisition after all other nations approved it and the FTC, the US antitrust body, lost the lawsuit with Microsoft to force them to abandon the acquisition. But what led to this pre-approval is the proposal of the amendment to the agreement by Microsoft, which proposed the sale to Ubisoft all the rights for the exploitation in the Cloud in the UK of the ABK titles for the next 15 years, thus voiding one of the main complaints of the British body.

We therefore now await further news in the coming weeks for the finalization of the agreement!