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Team17 brings turn-based strategy to World War II with Classified: France '44

Team17 and the British studio Absolutely Games have announced the development of the turn-based isometric strategy Classified: France '44, which will see us live the months that preceded the invasion of France by the Allies in 1944, during the Second World War.

The game is in development for Xbox Series X|S and is expected by the end of the year: here are the official details, a movie trailer, and the first in-game screenshots.

Classified: France '44 is a new turn-based strategy game set during World War II, particularly in the desperate months leading up to the Allied invasion of France in June 1944.

Rise to command a team of allied special forces and members of the French resistance. Recruit elite agents and then embark on a radical campaign of sabotage and destruction. Negotiate with the other factions involved to build a resistance network and hit German targets in the heart of the occupied territories. However, the more chaos you sow, the more ruthless attention you will attract the Gestapo's attention.

With thrilling missions inspired by the exploits of the Allies and the French, the game is developed on a turn-based strategic basis, letting you experience the authentic fighting of World War II. The campaign is playable multiple times, always having a different experience. And for those who really want to challenge themselves, our elaborate Quest Creator allows players to create, share, and download custom missions.

Each attack has its own weight.
In the unique moral system of Classified: France '44, every action has an effect on you or your enemies. Repress and break the ranks of opponents and then use those few moments to get closer to your hidden targets and finish them off.

Shape the battle.
Use stealth tactics to eliminate the main targets and fight by setting the rules. However, as the number of murders increases, more and more enemies will begin to suspect that something is wrong, so be prepared to carry out the ambush before they catch you!

Form your team.
You can choose from an authentic selection of heroes, each with a story behind them. Train, customise and equip them with your ever-expanding arsenal of skills and weapons. Lift the team's morale by spending time around the campfire and learn more about their lives as they fight in war-torn French camps.

Experience the story.
Complete challenging objectives in more than 45 missions assigned to your squad by the French army. Find out which of them best suit your tactic to grow resistance and achieve your goals. Manage the team by sending the various members in strategic operations.

Designed for the long term.
Classified: France '44 will continue to grow thanks to updates and expansions, always adding new electrifying elements to your fight for freedom. Plus, thanks to our Quest Creator and modding tools, there'll always be new player-created content to explore.

Towards victory.
Classified: France '44 is full of challenges. Devise the best strategy to get to the final goal as you implement refined tactics and discover the many endings of the game. What will your Normandy landings be like?

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