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The horror of Layers of Fear arrives in June; New Trailer

Bloober Team announced today that their new horror game Layers of Fear will arrive in June 2023. The announcement is accompanied by a trailer that shows us the disturbing atmospheres that we will visit in the game.

The developers describe the game as follows:

Step into a lonely, spooky lighthouse and discover a never-before-told story that binds the entire series.

Layers of Fear (2023) is the final work in the Layers of Fear series, which includes 2016's Layers of Fear, its expansion "Inheritance" and its subsequent sequel Layers of Fear 2. Discover new game mechanics, new scares and a new chapter titled "The Final Note" that expands the story of the original Layers of Fear through the perspective of the antagonist, the wife of the Painter. Fear and madness await you: stay tuned for more details!

We leave you to the movie, good vision!

MX Video - Layers of Fear