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The Deliver Us Mars Adventure Begins with the Launch Trailer

Frontier Foundry and KeokeN Interactive today celebrate the launch of the new sci-fi adventure Deliver Us Mars with a launch trailer that shows us the story that we will live in the shoes of the protagonist, who ended up on Mars and forced to survive a hostile environment.

Deliver Us Mars is set 10 years after the dramatic events of Deliver Us The Moon and follows astronaut-in-formation Kathy Johanson as she joins the crew of the space shuttle Zephyr, tasked with a crucial mission: to recover massive colony ships known as ARKs, which have the power to reverse the devastating effects of climate change on an Earth of the future. The crew travels to Mars to retrieve these ships from Outward, a dark organization that has appropriated this life-saving technology and chosen to leave humanity behind. Kathy, however, has a personal reason for joining the mission: to find out the truth about the disappearance of her fugitive father, after a mysterious transmission from the Red Planet hints that he may still be alive.

Once landed on Mars, players will explore a multitude of environments, from sand-ravaged settlements to frozen valleys to abandoned ARKs, each offering different gameplay challenges. Whether it's using Kathy's climbing axes to overcome terrifying falls from rock faces, solving intricate puzzles to progress, scuba diving and falling over dunes aboard Martian rovers, Deliver Us Mars promises an unforgettable narrative journey that blends a cinematic adventure with an epic personal stakes.

Here is the movie: good vision.

MX Video - Deliver Us Mars