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One Piece Odyssey gives us a tour of Water Seven

In addition to the vast island of Waford, the new open world RPG One Piece Odyssey will also take us to some of the most famous places of the Japanese series, thanks to the possibility of reliving the memories of the Straw Hat crew; one of them is the island city of Water Seven, which is shown to us in a new trailer for the game.

In Water Seven we can freely explore the city and the famous Gallery-La Company, but also face enemies like Lucci and Kaku of CP9. The new video also shows Bond Art, powerful special attacks that can be carried out by three characters, but which must first be unlocked by letting the characters experience their fragmented memories to complete them. The trailer also shows how players can use the power of Memory Cube to improve their skills and gain an advantage in battle.

We leave you to the movie, reminding you that One Piece Odyssey is expected for January 13th.

MX Video - One Piece Odyssey