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The mythological action-RPG Asterigos: Curse of the Stars arrives in October

Tinybuild and Taiwanese studio Acme Gamestudio have announced that the new and interesting action-RPG Asterigos: Curse of the Stars will arrive on October 11th. The game will see us control the warrior Hilda in Aphes, a mythological city inspired by the style of ancient Rome and classical Greece full of evocative and dangerous landscapes.

Here we will find numerous enemies to fight with a wide range of ranged and melee weapons that can be combined at will (sword and shield, double blades, spear, hammer, stick and magic bracelets), assisted by a system of "talents" that will allow us to customize and expand our fighting style.

The game will offer us 60 different types of monsters, 22 boss battles each with its own unique mechanics and over 100 collectible items. In addition, our every choice will influence the story helping us to reveal the truth behind the curse that oppresses the city through conversations, found documents and cut-scenes.

We leave you to a trailer showing the gameplay of the game and a set of images.

MX Video - Asterigos: Curse of the Stars