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A trailer invites us to create with Park Beyond

Bandai Namco has released a new trailer for Park Beyond, Limbic Entertainment's amusement park simulator, which emphasizes the creative capabilities of the game, which will allow us to create not only our crazy attractions but also all the buildings that surround them.

The game is expected for 2023: we leave you below to the official details and the trailer.

Park Beyond is the new title of the famous amusement park management simulator, developed by the German studio of Limbic Entertainment. As a visionary architect, players will face the fantastic task of designing and managing every single detail of their amusement park with a few small variations.

Designing rides for their parks, players will soon discover that nothing is impossible in Park Beyond thanks to Impossification, a revolutionary concept where technology, money and gravity will not be an insurmountable obstacle.

Players will be able to create their own roller coaster using a modular positioning system, which will allow them to easily vary many parameters of the track, such as inclination, yaw, pitch, roll and death turns. To create the craziest roller coaster ever and offer visitors a thrilling experience, you can use the various modules, such as cannons or ramps, at any time.

But also the scenery is important to make every day spent at the amusement park memorable! Therefore, players will be able to take advantage of the modular construction system to freely express their personality and creativity also in designing all the other elements of the park, such as shops, decorations and structures.

They will be able to create entire themed zones using thousands of resources divided into various themes, such as Far West, DaVinci or Candywille, but also combine and match any element to obtain a practically infinite number of possibilities.

Finally, new architects will be able to share their creations, such as shops, roller coasters and even entire parks, with all other users both on consoles and on PC!

MX Video - Park Beyond