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Batgirl fights in the streets of Gotham City in the new trailer for Gotham Knights

After showing us Robin and Nightwing, Gotham Knights offers us today a new trailer dedicated to Batgirl, another protagonist of the title coming on October 25th. aka Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl, is a highly trained fighter, as well as an experienced programmer and hacker.

Batgirl brings brute force and brain to the team of knights. With her distinctive weapon, the tonfa, and a fearsome combination of kickboxing, capoeira and jiu-jitsu, Batgirl can easily lay out powerful opponents twice as big as her. Now that dangers old and new loom on the horizon, Batgirl is more determined than ever to keep Gotham safe and prevent the city from slipping into chaos.

We leave you to the trailer: good vision.

MX Video - Gotham Knights