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A trailer dedicated to the story of The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me

Bandai Namco today released a new trailer for The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me, Supermassive Games' new horror adventure coming this fall. The movie, complete with Subtitles in Italian (but the final game will also be dubbed in our language) focuses on the story of the game and shows us the cast of characters with whom we will interact.

In the game, the Lonnit Entertainment crew will receive a mysterious phone call from a man named Granthem Du'Met, who promises them an exclusive tour of a faithful reproduction of the castle of H. H. Holmes' death. Lonnit Entertainment founder Charlie Lonnit believes this visit can save the network.

The story stars Oscar nominee Jessie Buckley as a member of the ill-fated crew visiting this unusual hotel, a place that will soon turn into a death trap set by her insane host, Granthem Du'Met. Spied on, isolated and manipulated like mice in a maze, it will soon become apparent to the crew members that checking out will not be so easy and that they will have to make some impossible choices that they may regret for a lifetime, or that they could pay for with their lives!

We leave you to the movie and a set of images: good vision.

MX Video - The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me