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Gotham Knights: a trailer dedicated to Robin

Warner Bros. has released today a new trailer in Italian of Gotham Knights dedicated to Robin / Tim Drake, one of the four protagonists that we will be able to control in the game. Expert in the use of the folding stick and specialist in stealth techniques, psychological warfare and deductive reasoning, Robin is a real hard bone.

Using the teleportation technology of the Justice League satellite, Robin can move in a flash from one side of the battlefield to the other, using speed and surprise effect to his advantage. He compensates for what he lacks in experience with an innate intelligence and investigative skills equal, if not superior, to those of Batman himself. Robin is deeply convinced that Gotham City needs Batman, and aspires to wear the famous cape. When the time comes, he will be ready.

We leave you to the trailer, reminding you that the game is expected for October 25 on Xbox Series X|S. Have a good vision!

MX Video - Gotham Knights