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Soulstice: a trailer dedicated to the fights of the new Italian action game

The Milanese Reply Game Studios have released a new trailer showing the gameplay of their action game Soulstice, arriving on the new consoles by the end of the year for Modus Games. The video focuses on the combat system, showing how the two sisters Briar and Lute, united in a single "chimera" being, can help each other to face enemies.

Briar and Lute are in fact two sisters reborn as Chimera. The transformation gave Briar superhuman strength and endurance, while Lute, who was sacrificed to tie her soul to that of her sister, became a ghost with mystical powers. Briar and Lute are sent on a mission to recover a ruined city that has been devastated by the Ghosts, only to discover that the Order to which they belong has a much more complex plan in mind.

We leave you to the movie: good vision!

MX Video - Soulstice