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Xbox October Update is available, with 4K Dashboard and Night Mode

Microsoft today announced the release for all of theOctober update of Xbox, which introduces two welcome news: the first is the 4K Dashboard, which exclusively on Xbox Series X increases the definition and readability of fonts and graphic elements.

The second novelty is the introduction of the night mode. From the appropriate page in the Accessibilitysettings menu, we can configure the automatic activation of this mode at a specific time of day or at sunset; once activated, this function will lower the brightness of the screen and activate a blue light filter (adjustable at will) to help those who have photosensitivity problems or have problems sleeping after night gaming sessions. It is also possible to set a drop in the brightness of the LEDs of the controller and the Xbox button on the console, so as to give less discomfort in the dark.

As always, the update will be applied automatically in the next few hours, or you can start it manually from the system settings of the console.