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A video of Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One illustrates the investigative gameplay

Frogwares has released today a new trailer for Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One that, supported by Italian subtitles, illustrates the investigative mechanics of this new title that will immerse the young Sherlock on an island completely and freely explorable.

These are the principles behind the investigative gameplay of the title:

  • Searching for clues: Finding clues at the crime scene is the essence of detective work. In SHCO though, know that you can miss crucial clues and the game doesn't hold you back. It is up to you to decide when and if you have everything.
  • Identification of the suspect: Each case needs a suspicion. The way you identify it at the beginning (correctly or incorrectly) plays on how suspicion will treat you going forward.
  • Use of disguises: The locals do not want to talk to you? Well, no surprises - you're new to the island and can't be trusted. But perhaps a clever disguise will cause them to trust you. Acquire various outfits throughout the island and then use your intuition and clues to figure out which disguise to wear to start getting answers. The game will never tell you which disguise to use, so expect some dismissive comments if you put on the wrong outfit.
  • Evidence Exposition:Do you have evidence that you think someone needs to know something about? The Evidence Pinning system allows you to take any clue and present it to any person to see if they know anything. With the right evidence in hand and sound logic about who to ask, you should come up with an answer or two.
  • Putting it all together:The Palace of the Mind is where everything comes together. The clues you have discovered will be here and allow you to put together your theories about what really happened. Whether you are right or wrong depends only on you, because the game will not prevent you from making the wrong choice.
  • A unique judge and jury:On the island of Cordona, not everything is the same, so what constitutes a crime for some may be right in the eyes of others. It's up to you to decide. Make your judgment based on what you believe is true and right and live with the consequences.

We leave you to the movie; good vision!

MX Video - Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One