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Perfect Dark: The Initiative Announces Collaboration with Crystal Dynamics

Those who have carefully followed the news on Perfect Dark,the reboot of the cult FPS of Rare by The Initiative, probably know that the Californian studio is very small and that, from the beginning, it had announced that it wanted to keep it that way in order to focus on the most creative part of the development, commissioning external studios to carry out the actual production.

Today we discover, thanks to a Tweet of the studio, the main software house that will collaborate on the project: it is Crystal Dynamics,the Square Enix studio author of Tomb Raider and Marvel's Avengers. They are also Californians, so perfectly positioned to work closely with the team of Darrell Gallagher who, and it is no coincidence, at the time of Tomb Raider was the head of Crystal Dynamics.

In case you're wondering if the fact that the development is conducted by Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix could mean that the game will become cross-platform outside the Xbox ecosystem, of course the answer is no: CD will operate solely as an outsourcer,providing experience and workforce to The Initiative, but the game will remain 100% a First Party Xbox Game Studios production and Xbox exclusive.

Finally, the tweet confirms again that the project will be a first-person action game:those who hoped it could become a third-person title will therefore not be satisfied.