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Xbox Game Pass: Hades, art of rally, Skate, Katamari Damacy and others arrive

Microsoft today announced the titles that will arrive in the first half of August in the Game Pass, between consoles, cloud and PC; in addition to the titles already known as the highly anticipated Hades, we also discover the imminent arrival of the stylish racer art of rally, the title of EA Skate (only GP Ultimate via EA Play) and the crazy Japanese title Katamari Damacy Reroll.

Here is the list of upcoming titles for Console, Cloud and PC:

  • Curse of the Dead Gods (Cloud, Console and PC) – August 5
  • Dodgeball Academia (Cloud, Console and PC) – August 5
  • Katamari Damacy Reroll (Cloud, Console and PC) – August 5
  • Lumines Remastered (Cloud, Console and PC) – August 5
  • Skate (Console) EA Play – August 5
  • Skate 3 (Cloud) EA Play – August 5
  • Starmancer (Game Preview) (PC) – August 5
  • art of rally (Cloud, Console and PC) – August 12
  • Hades (Cloud, Console and PC) – August 13
  • Microsoft Solitaire Collection: Premium Edition (PC) – August 17

Microsoft also reminds us that from August 10th the following Codemastersracers will arrive in EA Play, and therefore in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate :

  • DiRT 4
  • DiRT Rally
  • DiRT Rally 2.0
  • F1 2020
  • GRID

We remind you that Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service that, at a cost of 9.99 Euros per month, allows you to play freely and without limitations to all the titles included in the service, with new games that are added every month. You can buy it from this page on the Microsoft Store, or make a single subscription to Game Pass + Live Gold + EA Play + Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which can be purchased from this page.