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The investigative game Murder Mystery Machine is coming to consoles later this month

Microids has announced that the investigative game Murder Mystery Machine, developed by Blazing Griffin and previously released on mobile platforms, will arrive on Xbox One PlayStation 4 on August 25.

This new indie detective adventure will put the player in the shoes of Cassandra Clarke, a young recruit who, flanked by veteran detective Nate Houston, will have to solve cases that no one else wants to touch.

A simple case of robbery in the house of a politician will reveal a dense web of mystery that will lead the player to live a real investigative experience described as follows:

  • Solve a series of exciting inquiries inspired by film noir and written by professional film and TV writers.
  • Immerse yourself in a pervasive noir environment with complex cases that will question the very nature of justice.
  • Discover unique puzzle-solving and inference gameplay, where you can organize your investigative workspace by linking evidence to make inferences.
  • Explore dark and mysterious crime scenes and compare suspects with clues you've found.
  • When the line between law and justice is blurred, make your own judgment on what is right and what is wrong.

Murder Mystery Machine will be released in a digital version complete with Italian subtitles. Here is a teaser trailer for the game.

MX Video - Murder Mystery Machine