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Xbox Series S drops to 289 Euros on the MS Store, 20% off the second controller

The many ads made atthe Xbox & Bethesda Showcase have finally convinced you to move on to the new generation of Xbox, but don't you want/can't spend the full price of a Series X? We inform you then that on the Microsoft Store Xbox S Series,which will allow you to play all the titles coming anyway, it can be purchased for 289 Euros with an offer for those who want to take a second controller.

The purchase of the second pad (both standard and Elite 2)is in fact discounted by 20%,leading to a saving of up to 10 Euros on the total total.

Xbox Series S is the "little sister "of Xbox's next-gen range, offering extremely small dimensions and the lowest price of any next-generation console, supporting resolutions of 1080p instead of 4K as Xbox Series X. It is perfect for all those who prefer to play on a monitor instead of a large TV (as in the boys' rooms or for those who have an office station), and represents the ideal complement to a Game Pass subscription to enjoy all the most important titles coming up, but with a very low overall expense.

If you are interested in the offer, you can proceed with the purchase from this page!