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Ubisoft announces Rocksmith+, to help us learn how to play guitars and bass

During tonight's Ubisoft Forward event, Ubisoft announced Rocksmith+, an evolution of the well-known musical title designed to help us learn while having acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bass guitar. Rocksmith+ is a subscription service that offers interactive music learning using official song masters and personalized real-time feedback.

Rocksmith+ was built on rocksmith's established method, which helped 5 million people learn to play guitar.

Compatible with electric and acoustic guitars and bass, Rocksmith+ will debut with thousands of songs and grow with millions of other songs in the future, spanting many genres such as rock, classical, indie, alternative, hip-hop, pop, metal, country, Latina, R&B and much more. At launch, Rocksmith+ will have a variety of authentic arrangements that represent the way artists originally played them, and all songs in the library will be playable with chord tables that players can practice squeezing.

Users will be able to take advantage of a whole set of new and improved tools to practice, including the Riff Repeater, with which they can practice on riffs specific to their favorite songs, and Adaptive Difficulty, with which Rocksmith+ automatically adapts to the user's skill level as he plays. These tools are designed to give guitarists control during their learning path. Rocksmith+ will be available for €14.99 per month, €39.99 for the three-month plan, and €99.99 for the twelve-month plan.

Developed by Ubisoft San Francisco, the team behind Rocksmith® which has provided guitar learning tools for over 10 years, Rocksmith+ is the only subscription service that offers interactive music learning using official songs and powerful real-time feedback. 95% of Rocksmith's guitar players have improved their skills, and Rocksmith+ is based on the same tried method, with new songs, learning modes and practice tools to be added in the years to come.*** In addition to improving their skills, users will also get access to free online videos to learn the correct technique, music theory, equipment, instrument care and much more.

In addition, users will be able to play with an acoustic guitar or electric instrument and amplifier using the Rocksmith+ Connect mobile app, which offers phone-as-mic technology. By pairing the mobile device with the PC or console, the microphone will be able to track the guitar - allowing users to play without the need for additional equipment. Rocksmith+ is also compatible with consoles via rocksmith real tone cable. For PC users, Rocksmith+ is compatible using Real Tone Cable or existing interfaces on acoustic and electrical instruments. Rocksmith+ is also a partner of Gibson, Epiphone, Kramer, Ibanez, Ernie Ball, Ernie Ball Musica Man, Marshall, Orange, and Mesa/Boogie.

Rocksmith Workshop, a new user-generated content system that allows users to add arrangements to a list of pre-licensed songs to the library, will be able to get the music community to the heart of Rocksmith+. For the first time, the Rocksmith community will have more control over adding the arrangements they want, whenever they want. Rocksmith Workshop, which will be accessible to the public, will allow users to create all aspects of a song, from transcription to tones. Community arrangements will be peer-reviewed to ensure their quality, and will be available to all users.

If you want to start trying it, from today the Closed Beta has started to which you can subscribe from this address; here's the announcement trailer!

MX Video - Rocksmith+