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Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is the first World Premiere of the Summer Game Fest

The first protagonist at summer game fest is gearbox's new looter shooter, a Borderlands spin-off in which we can experience the heroic fantasies of the petite Tiny Tina. Tiny Tina's Wonderlands will arrive in early 2022 and allow players to visit fantastic cartoon-style worlds, devastating everything around them.

In this epic looter shooter fantasy,players can create and customize their multi-class heroes as they loot, shoot, cut, and trace their way through bizarre monsters and dungeonsfilled with treasures, on a mission to stop the tyrannical Dragon Lord. Bullets, magic and spadone collide in a chaotic fantasy world brought to life by the utterly unpredictable Tiny Tina,who makes the rules, changes the world on the fly and guides players on their journey.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands isa complete standalone experience with a rich cooperative campaign,for up to four players, plus repeatable end-game content.

The trailer released today shows the game's unique themes, fantastic setting and all-star celebrity cast: you can find it below.

MX Video - Tiny Tina's Wonderlands