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Bungie announces new season of Destiny 2, Season of the Technosimbiont

From May 11, bungie's new Destiny 2 expansion announced today returns to deep space. The Season of the Technosimbiont will end on August 24th and will revive the "Vault of Glass" raid of the first chapter of the series as we infiltrate the Vex network. We leave you to the press release and the trailer released on the occasion of the announcement.

The Vex threaten the safety of the inhabitants of the Last City, plying this refuge of humanity into an endless night. The guardians find themselves collaborating with Mithrax, Kell of the House of Light, who will teach them the ways of the Sacred Technosybyr. It's at the forefront of harnessing symbiote technology to destroy the simulation and bring back daylight. During Season of the Technosimbiont, guardians will infiltrate the Vex simulation via the Six-Player Violation matchmaking activity to uncover vex secrets and steal their code. In addition, with the flagship weekly Mission Erase, guardians will be able to discover the vulnerabilities of the vex network and exploit them to bring it down from within.

On May 22, guardians will be able to relive the experience of the iconic Vault of Glass (VdV) raid. For the layman, the VdV sees the guardians traverse the space-time rifts in search of Atheon, Temporal Confluence. The mysterious Vex waits in the depths of the vault: it must be stopped before it is too late. This is not a simple re-proposal: there will be some structural changes that will bring VdV in line with the expectations of today's players, along with new challenges, triumphs and old rewards so coveted.

Armor synthesis, free for all players, introduces the transformation feature in Destiny 2, allowing you to create a universal décor from any piece of armor you own. Season Pass players will also be able to immediately unlock the 77K Cryostesia Exotic Support Weapon, season-specific universal ornaments, XP bonuses to use to speed up seasonal rank progress (thus unlocking Pass rewards), and more.

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