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Sea of Thieves: Season Two starts, between Trade Routes and Fortune Fortresses

A few days late, today has finally arrived the update of Sea of Thieves that introduces Season Two,which comes with some really interesting news. Between new mechanics for TheMerchant's Alliance,a new Raid and a chest filled with new equipment,let's take a closer look at the added content!

The news are many:

  • New Season Pass: The season introduces 100 new progression levels, with their rewards attached. Rewards range from gold, doubloons, antique coins, weapons, clothing, accessories, and equipment. Rewards also include several prizes for Athena Legends and also an interesting emote that allows players to disguise themselves in storage barrels, useful for hiding in the eyes of enemy pirates. For players who decide to purchase the Plunder Pass, they will have access to 11 exclusive rewards.
  • Trade Routes: Members of the Merchant Alliance will sell the different storage crates (Lumber, Provisions, Cannonballs), for all the crew who are in a hurry to leave, and therefore unwilling to waste time emptying each barrel of the outpost. In addition, Trade Routes have been introduced, exclusively for emissaries. Players will be able to purchase different assets (Thirst, Spices, Minerals, etc.) in outposts and check from a Ledger which outpost certain assets are most in demand. Selling spices, for example, in an Outpost that finds itself dry of the aforementioned good, it will make them a lot of money. Every week the Ledger will be updated, so trade routes will change often;
  • New Emissary Skins: For all emissaries of each different Faction, there will be new sets for your ship, from sails, winches, sails, cannons and much more, to make your vessel even more flashy;
  • New Legend Skins: Pirates who have reached the rank of Legends of Athena will be able to access, by paying a considerable amount of gold coins, an exclusive Set for their ship, to make other players immediately understand who is in charge of the server;
  • Fortune Fortresses: A new Raid will appear in the game, skeleton fortresses of higher difficulty, with more and more skeletons, controlled by more than one Skeleton Lord. The loot you'll get from conquering this fortress also includes loot tied to the Legend of Athena, so be prepared to defend yourself against Legendary Pirate raids!
  • Skeletal drops:now it may happen that by knocking down some skeletons in the islands, they release bags with gold coins, to be climbed;
  • New Items at the Emporium:At the Pirate Emporium, the shop above the tent of the Order of Souls, new items are available that can be purchased with ancient coins (rare to find in the game, but obtainable through microtransactions), including a Cursed Set that includes a Skeletal Captain costume for your pirate and a skin quite threatening for your ship;

Before you leave the trailer that illustrates all the above content, we remind you that the update is already available, free of charge for all sea of thieves buccaneers. See you at sea! AARRRGGGH!

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