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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is in the Gold phase

The development director of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition,Mac Walters, said in an official tweet that the game is in the Gold phase, meaning it is now ready for its scheduled launch in just over a month, on May 14.

The Bioware trilogy, which has thrilled players around the world, will include over 100 hours of single-player content including basic games from the first three titles and over 40 DLCs,weapon packs, and armor, all with revamped 4K and HDR graphics.

In addition, the trilogy will have a whole series of improvements, which you can read in our previous news,including the extended cut ending which is now considered the standard ending of the game.

While players will be entertained again by Commander Shepard's adventures, the Bioware team will be busy with the development of the next chapter of the Mass Effect universe,which is currently in the early stages of production.