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Sea of Thieves: Season Two starts on April 15, soon all the news

With a new, if short, teaser trailer, Rare has finally revealed the start date of season two of Sea of Thieves. Despite the current season end only in two days, to get our hands on the new content we will have to wait until April 15,the day when the new full-bodied update will arrive.

From the short teaser you can notice several new skins and emotes for our pirates, including a reference to a rather common technique in the stealth game Metal Gear Solid. In addition, a new type of Fortress Assault seems to becoming, but to learn more we will have to wait for an upcoming video that will detail all the contents of this new season.

All you have to do is wait, buccaneers, to see what news is coming for the seas of Sea of Thieves!

MX Video - Sea of Thieves