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Cyberpunk 2077: First patch 1.2 details

CD Projekt RED today released an official update on Cyberpunk 2077patch 1.2, initially scheduled for February and later postponed to the current month; the article with details does not reveal the arrival date of the patch (but should be on the home straight) but reveals to us, in a rather unusual "journalistic" style, what will be the expected improvements in the update.

  • The cops will take longer to get to the scene. Today in Cyberpunk 2077 committing a crime instantly evokes an army of police officers clearly popping up in the surrounding area. In Update 1.2, police NPCs will now take longer to appear, as if they are actually reaching the scene. Committing a crime will also call a police reconnaissance drone, as if police were exploring the area before arriving.
  • Improvements to vehicle driving and settings. Driving the many vehicles in Cyberpunk 2077 can be annoying on less powerful consoles, so CDPR is providing some improvements in that regard. In addition, players will now have access to a steering sensitivity slider in the options, and the steering has been modified to be more consistent even at lower frame-rates and for specific vehicle models.
  • Methods to restore vehicles. If a vehicle gets stuck somewhere in Night City, with patch 1.2 you can swing it in all directions to find the grip of the wheels and be able to pull it out.
  • Improvements to dodges and key binding. CDPR is working to make key bindings and control settings easier and more complete for players, starting with the ability to disable dodge when pressing a motion key twice.

We look forward to further updates on this long-awaited patch, which in addition to what is mentioned should significantly improve the game's performance on the last generation's less powerful consoles.