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Destiny 2: Bungie presents "Season of the Chosen", new trailer

With The Hunt Season coming to an end, Bungie has unveiled in a trailer the new event that will populate Destiny 2's servers in the coming months: Season of the Chosen. The event will advance the horizontal plot of the sci-fi epic, with the Guardians intent on uncovering and stopping the Queen of the Corrupted's plans.

New characters such as Queen Cabal, new exotic weapons, missions, assaults and modes will be introduced in the new season. As always, the season will offer 100 levels, filled with rewards for both free and paying users.

To find out in detail the content of the Season, we invite you to watch the trailer at the bottom of the news, while reminding you that the new season will be available from Tuesday 9 for all Destiny 2 owners: good vision!

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