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Marianne explores the world of The Medium in a live trailer

The new microsoft exclusive is very little away: The Medium will arrive on Xbox Series X / S on January 28th and Bloober Team, to remind us of it and begin to immerse ourselves in the gruesome atmosphere of the game, has released a video shot with real-life actors created in collaboration with platige image studio, with Tomasz Bagiński as screenwriter and Paweł Maślona as director.

Really valuable, the film focuses on the settings, on glimpses of monstrous creatures and also onthe mechanism of "dual realities" to solve puzzles by moving the protagonist simultaneously in both worlds and that will allow us to accompany her on a two-dimensional journey in which humans and spirits will live at the same time and one can influence each other. This mechanic will also make us live specific moments in which we will have to "leave the body" of the protagonist to move independently in the world of the afterlife.

Following the video, good vision!

MX Video - The Medium