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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order: An update improves performance on next-gen consoles

Great news for one of the surprises of 2020: Respawn Entertainment has announced that an update dedicated to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is now available online that improves performance on Xbox Series X/S

This is not a real optimization for the new consoles, but rather an improvement in backwards performance, however welcome. Here are all the improvements introduced by the new update:

Summary of general features:

  • Improved framerate
  • Improved dynamic resolution bands for higher resolution
  • Improved post-processing resolution for Xbox Series X (non-S)

Specific features:

Xbox Series S

  • Framerate increased from 45 to 60 FPS

Xbox Series X Performance Mode

  • Framerate increased to 60 FPS
  • Dynamic resolution added in 1080p to 1440p range

Xbox Series X Normal Mode (not Performance mode)

  • Post-processing increased to 4K
  • Dynamic resolution in the range from 1512p to 2160p