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Square Enix reveals end-game mode of Outriders, Expeditions

Square Enix is back today to talk to us about Outriders,the new People Can Fly RPG-shooter coming out in February, revealing the Expeditions end-game mode. This mode aims to test the most experienced Outriders by pushing them to the limit through a series of impossible missions; This will ensure that players can unlock the most powerful equipment in the game.

"Expeditions expand the plot of the Outriders campaign and offer the game's toughest challenges. They are designed to be tackled by a team of skilled and coordinated Outriders,"said Bartek Kmita, creative director of Outriders in People Can Fly. " You will need to have the best equipment and the perfectcharacter configuration, as well as great skill and mastery of your class in order to reach the highest levels of expeditions."

We leave you to the video that, complete with Italian subtitles, illustrates the characteristics of this mode: good vision!

MX Video - Outriders