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Destiny 2: Bungie announces major reduction in the space occupied by the game

The upcoming expansion of Destiny 2, Beyond the Light,will bring a novelty that will be very welcome to the many fans of the Bungie sci-fi title: a significant reduction in the space occupied by the game on disc.

With our disaranged IT infrastructure and many gamers forced to pay-as-you-go cellular connections, the decrease in the total size of Destiny 2 can only be good news: Bungie's sci-fi epic, in fact, boasts a weight of around 111 GB on Xbox One PS4, definitely a heavyweight along with titles like Red Redemption Dead 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

The Seattle software house is, therefore, rushing to shelters and soon the full installation will occupy between 59 and 71 GB,depending on the platform.

In a post on David Aldridge, the head of development of the Destiny project, explained that this reduction was achieved by drastically eliminating the content thatwas little or no use at all, optimizing some compression processes and moving some content online. Decision, the latter that displeased some members of the community. "Theseimprovements will help us have better control over future installationsas well," Aldridge added.

However, there is no pink without plugs, and in this case the price to pay for this reduction of space is the complete reinstallation of the game: we will not have to do anything, simply on the arrival of Beyond the Light, on November 10, our consoles will download the entire game replacing it with the one installed, obviously without any data loss and saves. A small price that, however, will penalize - hopefully for the last time - users with more "difficult" connections.

Bungie is not the only one to have shifted its focus to this, all too often forgotten, aspect of gaming: even Digital Extremes has announced a reduction of at least 15 GB for Warframe. With the next-gen at the gates it is fear of many, in fact, that the expensive SSDs are destined to soon fill with super-detailed textures; a step in the right direction, on the part of the giants of the sector, is therefore certainly well appreciated.