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Destiny 2: Beyond the Light, new trailer gives us a glimpse of Europa's icy wasteland

Bungie has released a new trailer for Destiny 2: Beyond the Light,the new chapter of the Seattle team's Sci-fi epic, which puts us in the shoes of Guardians, ready to defend humanity from enemies from the darkest meanderings of space. In this new expansion we will be called to explore Europa,the icy moon of Jupiter.

The new trailer, in addition to showing us some really interesting glimpses of this moon, invites us to discover a tremendous truth, buried under the ice. Europe,homeland (or perhaps more appropriate to say factory) of the Exo, the synthetic characters that populate the created universe of Bungie,features cities and research facilities of Clovis Bray, now buried under the ice since the fall of the Golden Age. But in those forgotten structures, there is a terrible truth, which we Guardians will be called to rediscover.

Before leaving the trailer, we remind you that the content in addition to being released on November 10 on the store, will be available at Day One on the Xbox Game Pass service at no extra cost: good viewing!

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