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Ubisoft Announces The Adrenaline-Pumping World of Riders Republic

Tonight's Ubisoft Forward event ended with the announcement of a new IP: Riders Republic,a kind of EVOLUTION of STEEP coming on February 25, 2021 that will leave the snowy mountains equipping us with bikes, skis, snowboards, wingsuits and rocket wingsuits and making us whizz, race and have fun with our friends within a huge shared open world.

We'll leave below the official release with the first details, while you can get a first taste of the game in the announcement trailer and first gameplay demonstration, below.

Developed by Ubisoft Annecy, Riders Republic invites players to reach a hilarious social playing field where they can experience the excitement of extreme sports in a densely populated open world. Players will connect, compete and use incredible stunts through an exciting range of bike, ski, snowboard, wingsuit and rocket wingsuit sports. Whether they want to explore or regroup in vibrant social gatherings, they'll always find themselves surrounded by fellow race partners.

From snowy peaks to arid canyons, Riders Republic allows players to compete through the most exciting scenarios the Earth can offer: the American National Parks, Bryce Canyon, Yosemite Valley, Sequoia Park, Zion, Canyonlands, Mammoth Mountain and Grand Teton have all been faithfully transposed and mixed to create the most unique and vivid gaming experience ever.

Players can join teams with or against friends in these crazy multiplayer modes:

  • Competitive Races and Trick Challenges: Playable alone or in PvP, players will feel the adrenaline of these races and challenges.
  • Mass Starts: No exclusion of shots in these hectic races with more than 50 athletes." Players will need to pay attention to their blind spots and protect their position as they collide, bounce and fight to the finish line.
  • Multiplayer Arena: Dominate maps with clashes between teams of 6 players.
  • Online Cups: Designed for the best athletes to brag and show themselves climbing the leaderboard to the top.

In Career Mode, players will be able to make a name for themselves in different sports, climb to the top of the rankings and sign contracts with legendary sponsors from a wide range of outdoor sports. Players will be able to customize their own resources with an evolutionary engine, based on personal growth and define every aspect of their avatar. Anything is possible, whether you want to excel in snowboarding or be the fastest thing on two wheels.

Riders Republic will make the most of next-gen gameplay, shooting at 60 FPS and showing more than 50 players on screen at the same time on next-gen consoles. With intuitive character and visual control combined with the innovative acrobatic system, all players – beginners or hardcore players – will have the chance to have the most fun from the start.

MX Video - Riders Republic