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Battletoads arrives on August 20 and shows itself in a new trailer

One of the Microsoft titles that had been lost was Battletoads,a classic Rare franchise entrusted to the British Dlala Studio to make it an explosive new title. Today we discover that the game is not only in excellent health, but will also arrive soon on our consoles: Microsoft has in fact announced its release for August 20,and of course it will be available in the Game Pass at launch.

Battletoads marks the return of the franchise after 26 years, and will allow up to three local players to take on the role of warrior toads Zitz, Rash and Pimple in a frantic action brawl in which the three protagonists can transform a part of their body to gain extra destruction. The game will offer us an irreverent humor inspired by the cartoons of the 90s, with a graphic style typical of hand-drawn cartoons.

The announcement of the release date is accompanied by a new trailer that shows us the gameplay of the title: here you are below.

MX Video - Battletoads