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Sea of Thieves: New Ashen Winds Update Available

New threats are coming into the sea of Sea of Thieves thanks to the new Update in July, entitled Ashen Winds. This new update introduces exciting new gameplay mechanics, new enemies, and a dangerous new Raid; let's see what it is.

Captain Flameheart's forces are intensifying, and as the next move the evil villain has unleashed a new threat to the seas of Sea of Thieves: the Lords of the Cinerei Skeletons. These Bosses can be confronted by following the indicator of the new Raid (threatening clouds of fire and ash), where you will find these emissaries of Flameheart with their escort. These new Bosses are five in all, each with a different power such as raining meteorites from the sky or summoning a thick blanket of ash that will blind any pirate who dares to face it.

The rewards for our efforts are gluttonous, especially with regard to the skulls of these Bosses that can be both sold and used as flamethrower weapons! (be careful though, because the more you use them, the more their value will drop).) Also available are new sets and Skins for the ship, your pirate and of course for your Pets! Before leaving you to the update video, please note that all Sea of Thieves updates are completely free: good viewing!

MX Video - Sea of Thieves